Youngevity vs Other Supplement Brands

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Dr. Glidden Compares Youngevity With Other Brands

In this Youngevity review Dr. Glidden explains that nutritional supplements heal chronic diseases when they are properly applied. If you had a fire in your back yard and you tried to put it out with a squirt gun, you wouldn’t have much luck. But if you used a garden hose or a fire hose you’d undoubtedly meet with success. The volume makes the difference. It’s the same with nutritional supplementation. The recipe is very important as well. You have to take the right supplements in the right amount appropriate for your body weight. Someone who weighs 300 lbs. needs significantly more volume than someone who weighs 100 lbs.

Why Youngevity?

Not all supplements are made alike. Dr. Glidden talks about the absorbability index. It’s not what you swallow, it’s what you absorb and not all nutritional supplements are created equally as far as absorption is concerned. Youngevity supplements have produced more consistent results than anything that Dr. Glidden has seen in his 26 years of clinical work. Let’s look at the numbers. If you went to a health food store to buy a multivitamin equal to the contents of a Youngevity Healthy Start Pak, you would come up with a long list of what is not contained in a multivitamin. And if you were to price shop, Dr. Glidden shows another long list of what you would be up against. Altogether you would need to swallow 73 capsules a day and pay $557.00 per month as opposed to 3 capsules a day and $125.00 per month, the price of a Healthy Start Pak. Try that one on for size.

Liquid is Best

The majority of Youngevity supplements are liquid. Beyond Tangy Tangerine is a powder. Dissolve it in water and enjoy this delicious drink instead of taking pills. Beyond Osteo FX is arguably the best calcium supplement in the world. Mix one ounce of this liquid calcium with a little orange juice and enjoy the creamsicle taste. That beats taking a handful of calcium tablets, and you’ll absorb it better. Questions? Go to, become an Insider and listen to Dr. Glidden’s informational and instructional webinars on calcium, on absorbability, and on how to take nutritional supplements, among many other invaluable webinars.

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