Is Youngevity A Scam Or A Pyramid Scheme?

Self Education is Key

We should ALL educate ourselves about the difference between a “Pyramid Scheme” and what we do in Network Marketing. They are two totally different things. Pyramid Schemes are illegal and Network Marketing is legal. The only similarity is that your Network Marketing organization CAN look like a pyramid (like every company in the world) and you do need to recruit people (customers and business builders) in order to grow.

Let’s break down the first point. Many organizations look less like triangles / pyramids and more like very odd shapes, because not everyone in your organization will grow at the exact same pace, and others will take off leaving your organization with some long branches, or roots, and others with shallower roots. I like to describe the shape of our organizations as a family tree. Take a look at your extended family tree and you will see what I mean. Some couples have 10 kids and some have 1. Some families have 75 cousins and 150 grandkids and some can fit their whole family at the dinner table. But the SHAPE of our organization in network marketing isn’t what is scaring people. It is the FEAR of a scam.

Point number two, recruiting. EVERY business in the world needs customers to grow. McDonalds “recruits” through advertising. The military recruits by having recruiting solders on the ground visit malls and talk to those who might be interested in joining. Some businesses will recruit face to face while others do it more passively through ads. Either way, “recruiting” isn’t what is scaring people. It is the possibility of being “suckered into a scam”.

Network Marketing

So, let’s look at the difference between a scheme and Network Marketing. A scheme does NOT have valuable products or services to offer. We do. A scheme asks that you hand over money and then go find others who will hand over money, with no return, other than money. Youngevity has you provide VALUABLE supplements and healthy lifestyle products to your customers and gives your prospects the option of simply being a customer – someone who is not involved with the business and therefore is not required to “recruit” anyone and can enjoy ordering the products at a discounted price at any time. Your prospects’ other choice is to join your team as OWNERS of their own business. Youngevity provides its independent business owners with resources, training, a fantastic product line, customer service, commissions, and everything anybody could possibly need to go out there and grow their business into an unstoppable fortune building machine.

youngevity scam

Pyramid Scheme Defined

PLEASE, take a moment to read what WIKI describes as a Pyramid scheme:

“A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.”

Please bring your attention to the first part of that sentence: “an unstable business model”. Here are the points that prove Youngevity has a VERY stable business model:

1) Youngevity has been in business for 19 years.

2) Youngevity is PUBLICLY TRADED (YGYI)

3) Youngevity has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

4) Youngevity has a 30 day money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED return policy (you can return EMPTY bottles of supplements and get your money back minus a small restocking fee –  You can even return a CEO Pak!)

5) Youngevity grows ONLY by testimonials / health results / word of mouth for the last 19 years

6) Youngevity has grown to a ~100 MILLION dollar company with a return policy!

If our products sucked we would be out of business by now. People would have stopped buying. If we were an “unstable business model” we would NOT have grown, each year, nor would we be publicly traded.

Better Business Bureau, (BBB)

Here is the link to Youngevity’s BBB:

If you have never dealt with the BBB, know that any customer who is unsatisfied (out of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS who have bought Youngevity’s supplements and products or joined as a business builder) can submit a complaint. The BBB then acts as a mediator. If Youngevity does not resolve the issue it goes as a mark against the company and Youngevity’s rating drops. If we sucked as a company, if Youngevity had been “scamming” people at any point in the last 19 years, do you think we would still have an A+ rating?

Please look at the second point in WIKI’s definition of a Pyramid Scheme: “…rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.” You know, as well as I do, that we have TONS of products. Just look at your back office or Youngevity catalog. We have well over 500 products. Probably close to 1000 or more now. Most products are organic, healthy, GMO free and all are high quality. I believe most are made in the USA too. We could go on and on about how great our products and supplements are. We even have a whole science advisory board and over $25 million dollars in research behind our supplements, not to mention the AMAZING Dr. Wallach, the founder / creator and HIS history, as well as other doctors, like Dr. Glidden, who stand behind Youngevity’s supplements. Needless to say, WE HAVE PRODUCTS and pyramid schemes DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut Down

Another very valid point to bring up…Pyramid schemes are illegal. Network Marketing and Youngevity’s compensation plan are highly regulated by the FTC. If Youngevity were doing anything illegal they would be investigated by the government and shut down. Youngevity has massive amounts of integrity.

It really grinds my gears when I hear Youngevity members say they lost a sale because their prospect cried Pyramid Scheme. It is upsetting to me because the consumer is IGNORANT and because the young rep begins to question what they are doing, feeling they may have alienated a friendship and might have gone down the wrong path.

Here is a link on the FTC’s website talking about Network Marketing:

Do Your Own Research

Please read that article. Do your own research. Look into Youngevity for yourself. You will see, after collecting all of the data, that you ARE in an amazing company and next time someone calls what you do a scheme, you can educate them about the difference, or, do what I do – take a picture of them with your cell phone, print it up, put it on a dart board next to all of the other people who told you or implied that you were involved with a scam) and begin each day by throwing darts at the photos whilst chanting: “You are an idiot and I am really glad you are not on my team…”

I stand behind Youngevity 100% and will defend it 24/7 because it has proven to me over and over and over that it is worth fighting for.