Transverse Myelitis, Acupuncture, Arthritis

Dora knows a 15-year-old boy with transverse myelitis. Rose’s husband should take nux vomica for his gout, and Phil’s MD told him he had too many vitamins and minerals in his body. What do you think Dr. Glidden’s reaction to that was! [Read more...]

Military Neck, Ataxia, Underactive Thyroid

Ann was diagnosed with a military neck. Clinton’s friend’s daughter has ataxia and Clinton himself gives a phenomenal testimonial. Listen to Walter talk about his experience in the VA hospital! [Read more...]

Prolapsed Bladder, Back Injury, AFib

September 18, 2014 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now

Daniel knows a woman with a prolapsed bladder. Nancy’s grandson can’t sleep, Janet was born with AFib, and Lee’s friends both have back problems. According to Marvin Ropp the Bible had MDs pegged centuries ago! [Read more...]

Gestational Diabetes, Doctor Suicide, Arthritis

September 17, 2014 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now

Vanessa is pregnant and hopes she won’t get gestational diabetes. Lillian’s daughter has a growth on her optic nerve and John has cystic fibrosis. Dr. Glidden has his work cut out for him in helping John! [Read more...]

Acid Reflux, Dementia, Allergy

September 16, 2014 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now

Marie’s husband has acid reflux with burping and belching. Virginia’s brother has rotten teeth, Demetrius’ grandmother has dementia and Dora’s skin crawls. What Dr. Glidden has to say to Robert, whose friend is pregnant with a Down syndrome baby, is just jaw-dropping! [Read more...]

Infection, Gout, Epigenetics

Chris’ father has an infection in his big toe. Judy had a botched colonoscopy and James wife has hypopituitarism. Ruth’s gout is a problem and so is her osteoarthritis. Should Don tell his father what to take, or would it be better for his father to call Dr. Glidden himself? [Read more...]

Is Youngevity A Scam Or A Pyramid Scheme?

Self Education is Key

We should ALL educate ourselves about the difference between a “Pyramid Scheme” and what we do in Network Marketing. They are two totally different things. Pyramid Schemes are illegal and Network Marketing is legal. The only similarity is that your Network Marketing organization CAN look like a [Read more...]

Dandruff, Cancer, Cardiomyopathy

Ryan has seborrheic dermatitis and it’s getting worse by the day. Abi’s friend has cardiomyopathy and Daniel knows a woman with bacterial vaginosis. Dimitri’s wife is in a very bad way, as opposed to Jack who has everything going for him after following the advice of Dr. Wallach. [Read more...]

Autoimmune Disease, Breast Cancer, Prostatitis

Celeste’s sister has an autoimmune disease. Tia has gall bladder issues, Donna won’t let the MDs remove her breast, and George thinks he has high cholesterol. Gabriel has a testimonial you won’t want to miss. [Read more...]

Cyst, Vertigo, Fainting, Hair Loss

Tiny has a cyst on her back. Robert’s father passes out when he laughs; Lily’s friend has been a diabetic for over a decade, and Jerry’s friend has vertigo. How much hope would you give Linda who is going bald? [Read more...]

Erectile Dysfunction, Tinnitus, Cancer, Allergy

Patricia knows a man with erectile dysfunction, or ED. Kathy has AFib, Nash has gout and Lee’s friend has tinnitus. Daniel’s friend has itchy eyes and it turns out Abi was allergic to yoghurt. You’ll appreciate your own life more if you listen to Demetrius talk about his wife’s tribulations. [Read more...]

Overactive Thyroid, Sinus Infection, Varicose Veins

Jim’s friend has an overactive thyroid and takes a lot of medications. Paul’s friend should dilute his Beyond Tangy Tangerine more and Dave wants Erica Duffy on the show again. Would you be able to tell Dora why she has varicose veins? [Read more...]

Bell’s Palsy, AFib, Heart Attack, Spine Injury

Daniel knows a woman with Bell’s palsy. Illyeanna needs to tweak her dosages and Darlene’s son-in-law fell on his head. Jim knows a man with AFib and the doctors want to give him a pacemaker. How do you think Dr. Glidden reacted to that one!

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August 27, 2014 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now

Testimonial, Weight Loss

26:35 – Illyeanna in Seattle gives an extraordinary testimonial and thanks Dr. Glidden for his personal help and advice.

Benign Tumor

44:29 – Patty in Georgia has a benign tumor in her breast, and heard that if she has it removed there’s a good chance of its coming back. She wants to know what to take to get rid of it. Dr. Glidden says this is caused by too much oxidative damage to the breast. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and good for breast tissue.

Bell’s Palsy

1:01:34 – Daniel in Canada knows a woman who has rashes and itching and claims to be allergic to the sun. She also has Bell’s palsy, an inability to control facial muscles. Dr. Glidden says Bell’s palsy is caused by osteoporosis of the skull.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

1:11:20 – Robin in North Carolina introduces Nancy from Oregon. Nancy’s husband has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a thickening of the heart. Dr. Glidden says this is caused by a deficiency in selenium.

Atrial Fibrillation, AFib

1:31:53 – Jim in Myrtle Beach knows a man, 65, who has AFib. The doctors want to implant a pacemaker. Dr. Glidden tells Jim to refer to his webinar on AFib and follow the protocol.

Spine Injury

1:37:53 – Darlene in Missouri says her son-in-law fell on his head when he was 5 and has had pain in his neck and head for years. Dr. Glidden says he should visit a chiropractor who can put the curve back in his neck.

Bell’s Palsy, AFib, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Spine Injury, Benign Tumor, Atrial Fibrillation, Weight Loss

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Urinary Tract Infection, UTI, Parkinson’s

Pamela’s mother has a urinary tract infection. Becky’s husband has Parkinson’s disease and Will was blown away by his first drink of Plant Derived Minerals. How can you wrap your mind around what Lindsay has to say? It’s even hard for Dr. Glidden! [Read more...]

Trigger Thumb, Obesity, Arthritis, ALS

Judy has trigger thumbs. Rains had one knee replaced twice and Rebecca’s friend is on oxygen 24/7. Marilyn’s mom’s friend has CRPS. Please accept Dr. Glidden’s challenge to counteract the ALS ice bucket challenge! [Read more...]