Weight Loss, Shingles, Chest Pain, Guillain Barre Syndrome, Minerals

October 16, 2013 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now

Javier knows a man, 5’4” and 225 lbs, who wants to lose weight. Dr. Glidden gives a description of the Utah mine’s evolution that will knock your socks off! Terry’s friend has chest pains and Shannon’s friend may have Guillain Barre Syndrome as the result of a vaccination. Javier’s client has shingles. Ashley knows how to make you healthy and wealthy. What a show!


01:30 – Dr. Glidden describes the history and evolution of the mineral deposits in the Utah mine from which Youngevity minerals are mined. He emphasizes the importance of plant derived minerals in our diet.


20:19 – Javier in California has a client with shingles. Dr. Glidden says this is not the result of the herpes virus, but of the weakness of the environment in which the virus is found.

Weight Loss

27:25 – Javier also knows a man who needs to lose weight. He is 5’4” and weighs 225 lbs. Dr. Glidden says that people eat too many calories because their bodies are nutritionally deprived.

Guillain Barre Syndrome

33:36 – Shannon in California knows a woman with Guillain Barre Syndrome. Dr. Glidden says vaccinations are often the cause of this disease. Shannon should check to see if this person has recently been vaccinated. GBS affects the peripheral muscles.

Chest Pain

39:55 – Terry in Virginia has a friend who has a chest pain on the left side just above her breast. She is also having pain because of an auto accident 3 years ago. Dr. Glidden says he can’t diagnose over the phone. She should see a chiropractor who has an EKG machine and have her heart checked. In all probability, given her other complaints, she is suffering from heartburn.

Ashley James, Youngevity, Network Marketing

1:00:53 – Ashley James in Seattle talks about how she started her Youngevity business and how she has progressed to reach the top level of Senior Vice Chairman Marketing Director in just two years. She credits her success to Dr. Glidden’s knowledge, support, and teaching tools, such as the webinars, DVDs and this radio show.

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Weight Loss, Shingles, Chest Pain, Guillain Barre Syndrome, Minerals, Ashley James, Youngevity, Network Marketing