July 18, 2012 – Fire Your MD Now Radio Show

1:48 – Dr. Glidden says if something is approved by the FDA, run the other way!  One third of the doctors who advise the FDA work for the drug companies.

8:30 – Weight loss is easy, says Dr. Glidden.  Get on Youngevity’s ASAP program and lose a pound a day.

8:55 – Dr Glidden warns that phytates bind to minerals, so if you eat phytates (whole grains, includintg rice, corn, beans and nuts) with your mineral supplements, you lose the nutrient effect of the minerals.  Take mineral supplements between meals.

17:54 – Russell’s cousin Ruth wants to know what to do about her multiple sclerosis and oxidative damage.

29:54 – Al calls in for a 41 year-old friend who has polycystic ovarian syndrome, asthma and endometriosis.  Dr. Glidden says she needs to start eating cholesterol-laden foods because she has a progesterone deficiency.

36:50 – Pat, 68, has sickle cell anemia.  She lists the Youngevity supplements she is taking, and says she needs to raise her blood count.  Dr. Glidden tells Pat to triple her Tropical Plus dosage and triple her Z Radical dosage for 14 days, then have her blood rechecked.

46:24 – Shannon calls in to say her mother-in-law has a pacemaker.  Shannon wants to know if it can be removed.  Dr. Glidden explains the MD reasons for pacemakers, says they cannot be removed, but the patient should follow these recommendations:

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July 16, 2012 – Fire Your MD Now Radio Show

1:30 – Dr. Glidden discusses the causes of high blood pressure.  One third of US adults has high blood pressure, the “silent killer.”  It is caused by undiagnosed nutrient deficiencies.

17:24 – Dave has multiple chemical sensitivities.  Dr Glidden says he’s undernutrified and is eating all the wrong foods.  He explains how the wrong foods punch holes in the intestinal tract, allowing the blood stream to become polluted.

– Rick has had multiple sclerosis for two years.  It’s getting harder to walk, but worse: it’s getting harder to think.  He also has psoriasis.  Dr. Glidden says these conditions are caused by oxidative damage to the central nervous system.

– Cleveland calls in to say his friend, 65, has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

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