November 26, 2012 – Fire Your MD Now Radio Show

5:10 – Dr Glidden reminds everyone that all MDs’ perceptions are colored by a prejudice they don’t even know about.  Their therapeutics are the leading cause of death, and the only reason everybody is sick is that we all rely on the MDs.

19:44 – Ray calls in about his friend who has hemorrhagic anemia and can’t stop bleeding. Her doctor wants to remove her spleen.  Dr. Glidden says she needs to call him.  Always use surgery as a last resort.

28:35 – Dr. Glidden discusses autism.  It’s not genetic, as the MDs believe, or there would be fewer and fewer autistic kids.  On the contrary, more autistic children are born every year.  Autism develops in the fetus of a mother who has a diet very rich in whole grains.

39:45 – Buy only catastrophic health insurance, advises Dr. Glidden.  Follow the Youngevity program and be on the road to living a long and healthy life.

46:42 – Chris calls in to say that he and his wife visited a naturopath who said that the dark circles under his wife’s eyes were due to a problem with her liver.  Dr. Glidden says these circles are most often due to a food allergy.

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July 12, 2012 – Fire Your MD Now Radio Show

1:45 – Dr Glidden discusses muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis.  He tells the story of Jerry Lewis’ separation from the Telethon and of Dr. Wallach’s study of an Amish community.

17:56 – Emanuel calls in to say that Beyond Tangy Tangerine is giving some of his relatives headaches.  Dr. Glidden tells him an adverse reaction can be caused by drinking BTT too quickly or in too concentrated a solution.  He says tell them to drink half a dose in more water and see if the headaches stop.  If not, try switching to Tropical Plus.

28:28 – Cassandra, who has neurofibromatosis has just started taking Youngevity supplements.  She has a puffy face, has had 4 surgeries, and the MDs say it is a genetic disease.  She admits to eating lots of fried foods.  Dr. Glidden says fried foods increase oxidative damage to the body.

38:18 – Mary, a Youngevity associate, knows two families with children who are afflicted with Asperger’s syndrome and autism.

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