Bi Polar, Blood Thinners, High Blood Pressure, Schizophrenia

Healing is easy and Dr. Glidden tells you why. Sherry’s seen her 88 year-old mother-in-law heal easily, though Tracy is not healing and Dr. Glidden lets her know she’s going to the wrong doctor. He tells David to soak his feet and Paul to stop taking Plavix. JD knows of someone who probably can’t be helped, but everything should be done, just in case. There’s no rest for Dr. Glidden but he’ll hold your attention on this show.

02:00 – Dr. Glidden says everybody is struggling with a health condition. MDs have let us down. He talks about a recent study which proves that if mice eat a diet restricted in calories they live a healthier life. Dr. Wallach wrote about the benefits of eating a low calorie diet years ago. Instead of going online to search for health tips, go to the experts in the wonderful world of holistic medicine. No one comes close to Dr. Wallach’s resume. Lean on the simple fact that healing is easy.

14:05 – Sherry in Milwaukee has a question pertaining to her 88 year-old mother-in-law. Sherry and her husband have been taking care of her since January. They have given her Beyond Tangy Tangerine and the Healthy Start Pak. She went from sleeping all day to being active and leading a normal life. She has an upcoming doctor’s appointment–what should she tell him? Dr. Glidden wants to know who says she has to go to the appointment? Don’t go! Avoid doctors like the plague.

19:59 – Tracy in Kansas went to the doctor for a breast exam. She has pain in her left breast, and two lumps were found. She was put on antibiotics, though Dr. Glidden can’t figure out why. After looking at the ultrasound results, the doctor isn’t sure what she has. Tracy had a mammogram yesterday. Dr. Glidden says misdiagnosed breast cancer is prevalent. Go to and find a local naturopath with at least 10 years of experience and get a second opinion.

34:10 – David in Florida has been on the Healthy Bone and Joint Pak for 3 months. He has lost weight and his back pain is easing but he still has pain in his left foot.

41:57 – Tom in North Carolina lifts heavy weights and sprints. His symptoms are fatigue, anxiety, and aching muscles. He went to an integrative physician. He wants to know if a person can take too many vitamins. Dr. Glidden tells Tom not to go to an integrative doctor–they are worse than MDs. It’s easy to overdose on herbs, but not on vitamin supplements.

1:00:30 – Paul in Nevada is on 2 blood pressure medications and a blood thinning medication. He wants to know how to get off the blood thinner. Will EFAs help? Dr. Glidden says yes, and after he has been on the nutrition program he should go back to the doctor and have a PT test to measure the thickness of his blood. As it gets thinner he should be weaned off of the blood thinning medication.

1:06:10 – Shannon in Utah is on the protocol Dr. Glidden suggested, but she wants to know if it’s still okay if she’s pregnant. Absolutely, says Dr. Glidden. A pregnant woman must be on the program or risk giving birth to a compromised baby. The only thing she shouldn’t take is the Killer Biotic. She should add one piece of Triple Treat Chocolate to her daily diet.

1:14:29 – J.D. has a friend whose client is schizophrenic and bi polar. Dr. Glidden says Youngevity supplements can help bi polar patients but schizophrenia is tough because patients often won’t take their supplements.

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