Suicide, Laceration, Vertigo, Nursing Mother

Do you know someone who has suicidal thoughts and you wonder why this happens? There are some simple explanations that you may not have considered.

August 18, 2014 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now

Medication may have been the cause of Robin Williams’ suicide. Rob’s mother has two cancerous spots on her face and Denise just can’t lose weight. John’s vertigo and celiac disease are causing problems, while Mary’s husband was cut by falling glass. What would you tell Mary whose daughter is nursing her baby and has read the warning on the Sweet Eze label? Dr. Glidden will consult the expert and get back to her.

Suicide, Robin Williams

01:45 – Dr. Glidden discusses the medications and their side effects that can result in suicide. This includes a medication Robin Williams was taking for Parkinson’s disease.

Type 2 Diabetes, Weight Loss

30:01 – Denise in Utah is calling back after being on Youngevity products for 2 months. Her blood sugar numbers haven’t changed. Dr. Glidden talks about eating cycles and blood sugar readings. He advises Denise to have a hemoglobin AIC test every 3 months. Denise says she has been dieting but hasn’t lost weight. Dr. Glidden tells her to restrict her calories to 1200 per day.

Skin Cancer

37:33 – Rob in Canada says his mother has two cancerous spots on her face and the doctor wants to remove them. Dr. Glidden says she should apply colloidal silver and selenium to the lesions.

Nursing Mother

1:22:54 – Mary in Oregon says her daughter is nursing her baby and is worried about the warning to nursing mothers on the Sweet Eze label. Dr. Glidden says he will consult with Richard Renton who is in charge of recipe formulation at Youngevity.


1:24:40 – Mary knows a 70-year-old woman who was told by her physician that her thyroid was “dead.” Dr. Glidden says this diagnosis needs to be backed up with clinical data and this woman should take a Free T3 and a Free T4 blood test.

Celiac Disease, Vertigo

1:27:18 – John in Washington DC was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. He has vertigo and problems with his vision. Though John is gluten free his family is not. Dr. Glidden says it’s more important that he stay away from all 10 Bad Foods. He discusses celiac disease and vertigo.


1:40:00 – Mary in Michigan says her husband was cut on the wrist by falling glass. Now he has difficulties with his thumb and middle finger. She assumes this is due to nerve damage. Dr. Glidden tells her about Hypericum 200c, a homeopathic remedy, which can be ordered online from Take 2 pellets 2x per day for 4 days.

Suicide, Laceration, Vertigo, Nursing Mother, Robin Williams, Type 2 Diabetes, Weight Loss, Skin Cancer, Celiac Disease

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