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Trigger Thumb, Obesity, Arthritis, ALS, CRPS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Mycobacterium Avium Complex

Trigger Thumb, Obesity, Arthritis, ALS

Do you have a trigger thumb or finger, bent and with a “popping” pain? Before you try injection or release surgery, try this science-based procedure. http://youtu.be/OK0mYZhh23M August 25, 2014 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now Judy has trigger thumbs. … Read Full Article

Water Retention, ALS, Anxiety, NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Joint Pain, Epilepsy, Type 1 Diabetes, Gold

Water Retention, ALS, Anxiety, NLP

Are you plagued by water retention in your legs? Tired of wearing compression stockings? There’s a healthy, drug-free way to show those ankles again! http://youtu.be/7D2fl6PwQq0 August 21, 2014 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now Kwadena retains water in his … Read Full Article

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Rebuke

Research Associations Like This Are A Scam Perspective Perspective is necessary when we are endeavoring to understand subjects which are normally outside of our everyday grasp. So it is with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Anybody with a heart and a … Read Full Article

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Dementia, Premarin, Ferritin, Iron Deficiency

Are you afraid that as you age dementia will creep up on you? Studies show there is a vitamin that has been proven to help prevent dementia. http://youtu.be/7jutWboS6Sk August 19, 2014 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now Dr. Glidden discusses the prevention … Read Full Article

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Suicide, Laceration, Vertigo, Nursing Mother

Do you know someone who has suicidal thoughts and you wonder why this happens? There are some simple explanations that you may not have considered. August 18, 2014 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now Medication may have been the cause of Robin Williams’ … Read Full Article

Autism, Cellulitis, Thyroid, Vision, Sarcoidosis, Poor Circulation, Hyperbaric Chamber, Congestive Heart Failure, Torn Meniscus, Type 2 Diabetes

Autism, Cellulitis, Thyroid, Vision

Do you have a child with autism and don’t know where to turn? Learn the source of your child’s behavior and find the path to constructive change. http://youtu.be/JWfDxGhpPIY July 16, 2014 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now Rosie’s grandson has autism. Rosie … Read Full Article

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Muscle Twitch, Weight Loss, Uterine Cancer

Are you worried about that annoying muscle twitch? It can be a normal body reaction or a real cause for concern. Help your body find permanent relief. July 15, 2014 | Dr Glidden | Fire Your MD Now Melissa has a muscle twitch in her leg. Vernard can’t make … Read Full Article